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Light Commercial Air Conditioners

 Ceiling Floor

Easy Installation
Indoor unit can be mounted either under the ceiling or on the floor without any modification

--Operation Mode:Cool,Heat (Heat Pump Models),Dry,Fan,Auto
--Quiet Operation
--Slim,Attactive Design
--Wide Range of Air Supply
--Easy Maintenance

Cooling Only Models:
  Cooling Capacity
KF-53DLW/Y 18000 Btu/h
KF-71DLW/Y 24000 Btu/h
Heat Pump Models:
  Cooling Capacity Heating Capacity
KFR-53DLW/Y 18000 Btu/h 20500 Btu/h
KFR-71DLW/Y 24000 Btu/h 26600 Btu/h

Reference Table of ProductLs Model