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Starting Capacity

Black Phenolic Aldehyde Shell Starting Capacity

  • Operating temperature range: -10 to + 65
  • Rated Voltage Range: 110 to 330 VAC
  • Nominal capacitance range (20 , 120Hz):21-1200MFD
  • Load life: According to the different rated voltages and capacitance, 0.5-4 min.turn on(lsecond),12500-50000times
  • According to the standard RS-463
  • Surge voltage:Appying 1.2 times rated voltage for 2 seconds
  • Withstand voltage between terminal and case: 2000VAC 10 seconds non-broken down

Air-conditioned compressor starting capacity

  • Applicable Scope: Single AC heat pump system in single phase AC circuit, operating voltage scope 110V-330V, Power1/2-10p.
  • Structure of product: Non-polar bakelite case capacitor and PTC component.